Share the Road


What do you think? I didn’t design this,share_the_road_600dpi_4.jpg but found it somewhere and modified it a little. Since one of the biggest (the biggest?) problem on our roads is unwillingness to share (car-to-car, never mind car-to-bike) I thought a few of these around might help.

I’ve found that the Give Cyclists Room stickers seem to work. Certainly people seem to have given bikes more room when driving behind me than they were before.

So I want some inkjet-printable sticky film/sticky-back plastic so that I can print them to stick on car windows. Anyone know where I can find such a thing?


2 Responses to “Share the Road”

  1. zappoman Says:

    I have averaged about 5,000 miles per year the last couple years on my bike. I big chunk of that is “commuting/training” where I ride 25 miles to work in the morning. Some of my route has a bike path, most of it is on normal city streets. So, I’ve seen my share of rude drivers.

    A fellow bike commuter friend of mine suggested that all drivers should have to ride a bike for 1 month in city traffic before they can get their drivers license.

    I think it would be interesting to how drivers attitudes change if they had to do this.

  2. saturn5 Says:

    I absolutely agree. The fact is, most cyclists drive. Most drivers don’t cycle. It’s also part of the point the Critical Mass campaign tries to make.

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