So explain that


I’m riding to work this morning, in filthy weather, lit up brightly, wearing my bright yellow rain jacket. I’m on a 40mph dual carriageway in pretty light traffic.

Car drives past with the passenger leaning out of the window. “You should be on the cycle path” he shouted aggressively, perma-frown in place (there’s a parallel path). I don’t think I was sworn at, for once.

So why did he feel the need to shout at me? There was a whole empty lane to the right, I’m riding at around 20mph, he had ages to see me (and for his passenger to wind down the window). What was his problem?

Oh, and he had a fish sticker on the back of the car.


One Response to “So explain that”

  1. penguinunearthed Says:

    I’ve been shouted at most when there was no need – quiet streets with people shouting that its unfair that we don’t pay for the roads (actually, I do, I also run a car).

    I think, for some people, the ease of shouting is reason enough.

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