Seeing Red


Tonight, while walking my girls to school for their Christmas concert, there was the terrible sound of a crash behind us. A motorcyclist had been knocked off and had landed 5m or so from his bike. I was first at his side, but soon left him to more experienced care. It was clearly the car driver’s fault, as he’d turned across the biker’s path while turning right. The biker hit the front of the car, and I think he’s probably broken his leg. All this despite having a good headlight.

Horrible as that is, it isn’t what vexes me most tonight. My reaction was not good. I’m not used to reacting like I now do. Since my ‘incident’ in January I’m on a hair trigger to react (not respond) to what people say and what happens on the road. I anger quickly, and jumped down this witness’s throat when he started saying who was to blame. As it happens I agree with him, but I didn’t give him the chance. I just assumed he blamed the two-wheeler and had a go. Embarassing on one level, and I apologised, but it scares me on another level. I don’t want to be like this.

One more argument against the EU’s proposed ‘Running Lights’ legislation.


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