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Letter bomb

February 7, 2007

The recent attacks on the offices of those involved with motoring, in an apparent campaign about speed cameras, are disgusting.

I don’t care if the Chief Constable of Devon & Cornwall Police buys his family’s Christmas presents with the proceeds of speeding fines. Bring it on. Lets have more cameras, more police, more fines, less death.


I’ve been listening to commentator after commentator weasel around the issue. A government minister came on to say that he thought it was excusable to drive past a school at 10 o’clock at night at 35 mph. So do we have a speed limit or not? You’d be stupid to drive past a school at even 30 mph at 9 o’clock in the morning, but why would you need to drive past it any faster than 30 mph at any time? Until we stop fudging this issue it will give the speeders encouragement to keep at it. It is not ok to speed, period. Speed should always be appropriate for the conditions, but should never exceed the limit.